Why Local SEO Matters For Your Business

Location, location, location!

Prime real estate has always been a huge factor for brick and mortar stores to gain the most ROI possible. But what about online stores? Your online reputation in fact affects your local SEO standing and conversion rates. Here’s how…

Prioritizing quality, customer service, and target audience will always be the recipe for business success, but that’s only half the battle when it comes to online stores. Online reputation plays a large role in local SEO when competing with other businesses.

The goal with local SEO is to prove to Google that your business deserves to be a trusted and relevant business for consumers who search within your niche and location. Anyone looking to purchase a product or service online has not yet made up their mind on the brand they will support. They are using Google to compare companies and make a purchasing decision. That is why local SEO is so important, if your brand is not being seen prominently in local search, there’s a good chance customers will choose your competitors instead.

Your online reputation matters immensely when it comes to SEO because not only do more than 70% who search for local shops visit a store within five miles of their home, almost 80% of people read reviews in order to decide which place to shop at. So, SEO works for discoverability, but online reputation and reviews work for conversion.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO optimization is the strategy by which you improve your business ranking and reputation on local search pages. Big brands have multiple locations and established reputations; therefore, small-to-midsize businesses are likely to depend more on smaller, targeted audiences to succeed, making local ranking strategies key to standing out in the online marketplace. Rather than hitting Google and searching, ‘how to fix my freezer,’ a local search query might be worded as ‘freezer repair near me’ or ‘freezer tech in {location},’ providing the customer-specific results on companies they can choose from in their local area. 

Once Google knows the user location or desired outcome locally, it can deliver the suggestions they’re seeking in local search engine results pages.

Effective local search optimization can help you control your narrative across important local search engine results pages, providing the boost in visibility and credibility you need to convey trust, and cultivate loyalty and conversion. A comprehensive, customized local SEO strategy increases your local footprint while reinforcing your position as the authority in your local industry.

SEO Tools To Boost Your Reputation

Website Localization – Helping search engines provide local suggestions for consumers in your industry really supports your small business. Making a point to mention your city or town naturally throughout your website is a great way to ensure your business is delivered to people searching for keywords in that area. Mentions of your city or region feed an association between your services and your area while increasing your visibility for local search terms. Creating or sharing articles covering local events can also strengthen local SEO and ties to your community.

Citation – Citation building can be seen as the heart of local SEO that will help strengthen your reputation and build your brand. Ensuring you have accurate and accessible Name, Phone Number, Address and Website details helps customers locate your company and provides the advantages you need to appear on local search engine results pages.

Your GMB Page – Google My Business is what Google uses to show the local 3-packs underneath the ‘near me’ map for every local search. Take ownership and stay abreast of your GMB page as this is an extra important factor in mastering your presence not only locally but in user’s experience with using Google Maps to seek out businesses overall.

Online Reviews – As we’ve mentioned, discoverability is only step one in local SEO; your reputation online plays a large role in consumers taking the leap to buy from you. With ratings and review management that showcase quality, customer service and accessibility, you are proving to Google your site and services are legit and trusted by local consumers. Your review response rate and approach factor how you rank in local searches and is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Local SEO Marketing Strategy For Your Business

All small online businesses deal with the discoverability hurdle at some point in their marketing journey and it can highly affect your conversion upon discovery to have local SEO optimization in mind. Controlling your online narrative is a stressful, but a necessary practice.

Afterall, reputation is the highest indicator of ROI for businesses, and if you aren’t working to enhance it in conjunction with your marketing approach, you are really pushing money and success away from your business.