Using Your Marketing Strategy To Maintain Online Credibility

The marketing industry has evolved rapidly over the past couple of years, especially with the rise of social media and the creator economy. Millennials and Gen Z especially are quick to sniff out overly salesy messaging and inauthentic presence, therefore, a value-driven vs marketing-driven approach to promoting your business is the path to success.

But at the end of the day, you still want to make sales in the largest marketplace to ever exist – online – and building credibility among your audience and consumers in your marketing strategy is the surest way to scale! So how do you maintain online credibility through your marketing strategy?

Expert Positioning

This is a marketing term that communicates you know your stuff! Being able to build expert positioning not only among your audience but also within your niche is crucial to being seen as credible. So, how’s it done?

A problem-solving strategy consists of content that identifies a pain point/problem in your ideal customer’s life and how your product or service solves that problem. The longer and more specifically you call out and help solve people’s problems, the more trust and credibility you will build among your audience. As you showcase how your product or service has gotten specific results for that problem or share experiences of how it has proven effective in your own life, you will achieve expert positioning.

Research shows that people aren’t online like they used to be. Many Instagram and Tik Tok users are specifically on the platforms to discover new solutions in their lifestyle and have less hesitation than ever before to purchase straight from someone’s profile. This evolution is rooted in creators’ ability to have credibility among their audiences through creating problem-solving content about their business.

Once you’ve established expert positioning among your audience, the next step to maintaining online credibility is delivering results for the problems you promise to solve.

Results = Reputation

Sometimes even the most well-meaning business owners don’t get their client’s results because their intake processes aren’t effective or maybe they are bogged down by promotional commitments like podcasts or events. Part of effective marketing is using client testimonials and results as problem-solving content aka ‘social proof’ to showcase efficacy. If you spend all your time on the promotion of your business and marketing of your products and services, you are potentially missing out on the results you can ensure will enhance marketing.

Afterall, showcasing client results often is the surest way to build credibility, because you no longer have to sell. Other people’s results sell the service/product for you. And when used in collaboration with your problem-solving content strategy, you can increase your credibility and overall sales within a matter of weeks. 


One of the foundational elements of trust online is relatability. It’s now more important than ever as business owners to have engaging social media profiles and websites and create a brand experience for online visitors and potential customers. A brand experience consists of 4 main pillars of content that inherently build upon each other. Follow our content marketing strategy to build online credibility with these 4 pillars: motivation, inspiration, personality and selling.

Motivation: This pillar is rooted in your mission. What motivated and continues to motivate you to share your business with the world? Sharing your motivations are likely similar to your ideal customers motivations. Do you believe more women need access to business tools? More people should know about x topic/product to strengthen their relationships? Did you go through a life/health transformation and you need people to know it can happen for them too? Sharing motivational content is more than just some encouraging words; it’s rooted in telling the stories of why you believe in this and why it will support like-minded people.

Inspiration: We all love a good come-up story. This pillar is rooted in your personal experiences and showing/telling the then and now as it relates to what your customers desire.. Did you grow up poor and turned it around? Did you struggle with confidence? Have you had any life-threatening experiences? Did you hate your 9-5 and knew you were made for something more and that’s why you started your business? These types of stories not only inspire people and enhance your credibility, but they also support the lure that ‘you are cut from the same cloth’ and therefore engaging with your business is a safe bet because they feel similar to you.

Personality: This is by far the most fun and important pillar! How could showing your personality be good for business? Well, the reality is with millions of people selling products and services on the internet… people are really buying YOU, not the product/service. Therefore, they have to know you in order to do so. Showing day in the life or BTS content is the best way to create personality-driven content. It can even be as simple as do you drink black coffee or use creamer? Are you an outdoorsy adventurous person or a homebody? Do you like to tell jokes, write poetry, or tap dance in your spare time? What unpopular opinions do you have? Showcasing these facets of your personality every so often in your content or through Tik Tok/Instagram stories is a great way to build credibility around your offer because audiences will start to know, like and trust you more than other similar offers online.

Selling: This pillar is pretty self explanatory since it is rooted in the problem-solving content strategy mentioned above, but selling content also consists of talking about your offerings regularly. People need to be exposed to a message an average of 16-20 times before recognition is achieved. And once recognition is achieved, that’s when people are likely to engage at a higher and more direct level with your offerings. Therefore a handful of feed posts aren’t going to cut it. You must live and breathe your offerings and find a way to mention them every day if possible, especially within the first year. 

Standing out online can feel overwhelming or impossible when building a new business. But after implementing a problem-solving strategy, showcasing your reputation through customer results and having fun with the 4 content pillars, you’ll be on your way to building credibility through your marketing strategy.