What is Review Bombing and Who Does it Impact?

Have you ever been confused after reading a review and realized how much it contradicted your expectation? If yes, you are not alone. In the early 2000s, reviews were the source that gave readers a perspective on how good or bad a particular movie, series, book, or service was. Readers could pick up a local […]

Three Must-Use Review Management Strategies

Stuff happens. No matter how many processes, customer reps, or positive reviews you have, there’s bound to come a time when negative online review management will be a priority. You can’t please everyone, but you can recover quickly with purposeful strategies. Bad news spreads quickly and can linger on the web long after a problem […]

The Top 3 Ways To Deal With Harmful Reviews

The saying ‘There’s no such thing as bad press’ may work for celebrities that feed off of the drama to stay relevant and sensational, but when it comes to your business, bad press can lead to an impending reputation crisis. The Top 8 sites garner 99% of all reviews hosted on the internet, and oftentimes […]

The Nature Of Online Reviews

In modern business operations, your results, or the service you can provide for customers is vouched for in your online reviews…. and 75% of shoppers use reviews to discover and evaluate products. From food and beverage to apparel, health, beauty, hardware, and everything in between, reviews play a crucial role in the buying process. For […]

What Does Review Management Mean?

Customer reviews often convert new visitors on your website or social media platforms. But sourcing reviews can sometimes feel desperate or go unanswered. So how can you handle review management while also making the process intriguing for the reviewee? This is the art of review management. Review Request Marketing Marketing is essential, and similarly, review […]

Turning Your Bad Reviews Into an Opportunity

When they say ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’… the same applies to your reviews. Having some bad sprinkled amongst the good actually makes your business appear more seasoned and offers you, as the owner, a chance to respond and build relationships. Believe it or not, the number one indicator your […]

The Cost of a Negative Review

What if we told you a single bad review is likely to drive away 1 person out of every 10 visitors. Doesn’t seem like such a big deal considering that means you have a 90% bounce back rate from bad reviews, however, when it comes to the actual dollars you are losing from reviews – […]

Make Your Online Reviews A Sales Asset

How to make TikTok feta pasta? This was the most searched food dish of 2021. #fetapasta has over 600 million views and by mid-February, feta cheese was the #1 search on Insta Cart app. While the likelihood of going viral is slim, it is very likely something in your industry could go viral, leading people […]

How To Handle Fake Reviews

Fake news or fake reviews – what’s worse? Believe it or not, fake reviews can be far more detrimental to a business! Why? The way consumers comparison shop online puts company reviews at the absolute forefront of any purchasing decision. Vague, sensationalized, and clickbait titles are the cornerstone of fake news and because of this, […]