How Your Brand Can Boost Its Online Credibility


Ian Domenegato

What if we told you credibility isn’t about awards and degrees…

It’s about your conversations and transparency.

To boost your online credibility there are a myriad of options to offer value in a way that positions you as the expert in your niche while also leading to more clients and community members.


Have An Active Online Presence 

Start a blog – and blog often

Starting a blog on your expertise is the quickest and most convenient way to build credibility. It is low-cost to start up and allows you to share your industry/niche knowledge for free, so people can see how valuable your paid services will be. Regular blog content also gives you a great chance to rank and be more discoverable on Google through SEO. When you know the problems or services your ideal clients are searching for and create blog content around this, you boost your credibility not only by having the relevant post, but also an entire library of information they can go through and learn from. 

So when starting a blog to boost credibility, it’s important to think of the cumulative effect this will have for your brand versus each specific blog post alone – those are valuable too.


e-Book or White Papers

These resources act as the most straightforward funnel to your higher ticket offers and building community. Using resources like Designrr for example, allows you to create an e-book that can be embedded on your website or sold on Amazon and dive deep into sharing your expertise with a low price point and low time commitment from your audience. A 30–40-page e-book or white paper that gives people the full scoop on how and why you are an industry expert is one of the surest ways to build your funnel for higher ticket items. 

Being a published author in itself gives you credibility, however, with a purposeful marketing strategy and ranking in the top sellers on Amazon, it will sky-rocket your credibility in your niche and bring many more opportunities to share your expertise and build community.


Speaking engagements

Whether through a podcast or an in-person event, a speaking engagement is a cream of the crop opportunity for you to build credibility among the attendees/listeners and springboard your reach. Many thought leaders and passionate business owners will use the first two options (blogging about expertise and releasing e-books or white papers) strategically to lead to more opportunities for speaking engagements about their expertise, business and philosophies in a certain industry. Having a speaking engagement under your belt increases credibility online because it proves that your ideas are sought after and it’s not just you promoting yourself. 

Our culture (often subconsciously) is drawn to a herd mentality. The more you share how other people are interested in what you are doing inspires more incentive and intrigue for them to be interested in what you are offering. This creates more credibility simply through the fact that you have two factors of authentication associated with your brand.


Be social

Almost 80% of people will check a brand’s social media before they check their website. This means it is extremely important to not only have a social media presence but to be active and engaged with your followers. Implementing a problem-solving content strategy allows you to boost your credibility because it’s important to not only post about your products and services but to demonstrate HOW your brand or offerings actually solve the problem that your ideal customers face. Therefore, making your brand more trustworthy, reliable and engaging. 

Do not be fooled by the social nature of social media, it is an arena like no other to do big business and establish yourself FAST. Platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram are actually places people go to seek help, discover new methods or services! An organic content marketing strategy is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise if you just spend enough time thoughtfully planning out your content pillars around: solving customer problems, motivating people in your niche, showing your unique personality and brand values and selling. Utilizing all 4 of these pillars gives you a great start to being more than just a picture-perfect grid or a virtual bulletin board of products and services. It builds your expert positioning and credibility through service and sharing your brand story and the people behind it allows you to be super social, while also super boosting credibility. 

Take Advantage Of Reviews

The truth is, 89% of people will read the responses to online reviews, therefore word of mouth and other’s opinions of your brand highly influence your credibility online. However, leveraging reviews and testimonials is about more than just making sure they’re present on your website or included as a highlight on your social media. The tee up to testimonials and reviews is one of the most underutilized credibility boosters online – so take note of this approach in your future marketing and review/testimonial sharing:

Encourage dreams: talk about an end goal you can help someone achieve. 

Justify failures: let people know if they’ve failed at achieving before it’s not their fault, they may just need a new person to explain it to them = when you put fears to rest and give hope you can develop a lifetime following.

Confirm suspicions: people might think this is another dream-selling scam, but confirm how you were skeptical about this as well and how you overcame that barrier to try.

Share a testimonial/positive review about your process/product

Take a stand for what you believe in: As it relates to the testimonial or experience you shared, talk about why you’re different and what people that are part of your world are collectively fighting against. 

Share another testimonial/review that hinges on the personalities/people behind your organization. It creates an “us vs. them” when people know you aren’t just a brand, you’re real people growing a movement. 

Care: Share why you care about bringing these products/services to the world. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care!

Play Offense And Defense 

Boosting your online credibility is an art more than a science. As you share more content and boost your message out into the world, it will allow you to scale and engage with your communities at the highest levels. It can also open you up to negativity you never were vulnerable to before. However, building trust with your customers and becoming a thought leader in your field outweighs the risks by a wide margin. Not to mention, the credibility you establish will protect your brand against any unfavorable reviews or content that may appear down the road.

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