Positive Reputation Management – What is it and How Does it Work?

In today’s online landscape, search engines offer the ability to instantly research and scrutinize the character of both individuals and businesses. Because of this, it has become increasingly imperative to maintain a clean online presence and protect against the potential life altering effects of negative content. So how do you protect yourself? 

The practice and industry of Reputation Management has grown immensely over the past decade. Reputation Management, and companies that work in this field, focus on enhancing your online image and protecting your reputation from negative online content. 

The experts at Removals are the world leaders in online content removal, and offer a service called Positive Reputation Management (PRM). PRM is Erase/Guaranteed Removals’ take on the service of Reputation Management and works in conjunction with their content removal expertise. 

Positive Reputation Management helps individuals and businesses with a damaged reputation re-write their online narrative. It focuses on improving brand perception and online marketing, while also providing a defense from future negative content. 

How Does It Work?

The ability for negative online content to rank prominently on search engines is what Positive Reputation Management works to counteract. Through the creation of high quality positive content, published on domains with trusted authority, PRM campaigns work to outrank negative content on search results while promoting the individual or brand in a positive light. 

Positive Reputation Management offers customized campaigns for all different scenarios and situations, such as: 

  • Improving search results to displace negative content. 
  • SEO and marketing strategies to boost brand perception and drive sales 
  • Pro active campaigns to monitor search results and shield against negative content 


All PRM campaigns are customized to the clients needs. Removals has an in-house team of SEO experts, Web Developers and Professional Writers who develop the content in each custom campaign. Content is then published on high authority websites and leading publications that have proved to rank highly on search engines and overshadow negative content. 

For businesses, PRM can do far more than just displace negative content. Removals offers strategies to become an extension of a brand’s marketing department and boost it’s visibility and online reputation. 

What Content Is Created? 

Positive Reputation Management offers a multitude of deliverables and capabilities to fit the needs of the client. Some of the more popular content creation deliverables include: 

For Individuals 

  • Scheduled Blog Posts
  • Professional Website Development and Maintenance
  • Featured News Articles 
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Management 


For Businesses 

  • Review Management 
  • Email Marketing Campaigns 
  • Website Audits and Design 
  • Scholarship Campaigns 
  • Social Media Management 


All content creation and marketing strategies focus on the utilization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. SEO ensures content created is recognized by Google and ranks under a clients name, brand or keywords when searched. 

When Is Positive Reputation Management Needed?

The need for Positive Reputation Management can usually be categorized into two different situations; a reactionary or precautionary solution to one’s online image. 

Combat Negative Content 

When your reputation is being tarnished online, Positive Reputation Management can be used to overshadow the negative, mitigate the damages it may cause and enhance your overall online presence. Negative online content left ignored can lead to it spreading or rising in rank on search engines. By building a positive online presence, PRM will help displace negative content from view and allow you to take control of your search results and online narrative. 

Being Proactive With Your Online Reputation 

Brand’s and individuals can use PRM as a way to proactively improve their online reputation and marketing strategies, while simultaneously protecting themselves from any future negative content.  The content created in a PRM campaign will not only enhance search results and online perception, but create a buffer of positive content, mitigating the ability for negative press to rank highly when your name or brand is searched. 

Take Control Of Your Search Results 

Positive Reputation Management allows brands and individuals to have a say in what is said and seen about them online. Negative online content, and the ease in which it can spread is what Removals focuses on combating. Their content removal and PRM services allow you to take control of your online image, while offering protection and solutions for anyone in need of online reputation assistance.  


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