Medical Doctor Creates A New And Positive Online Presence


increase in review board feedback.
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rating and removed all negative reviews.
1 Star
organic SEO ranking (was previously 4th).

Doctor Case Study

Medical Doctor Creates A New And Positive Online Presence

negative articles on page one
0 %
boosted online presence
100 %
in search engine results ranking
# 1

The Circumstance

This particular client’s reputation was suffering from multiple news articles that were published online, defaming his character as a Doctor, and making false claims about his research. The articles ended up creating a series of links of negative content that populated the clients first page of Google search results. These false narratives were affecting his livelihood, and resulted in a loss of respect from his peers in the medical community. 

When the client approached for help, we noticed his online presence was lacking in some areas. Beyond the negative articles, and a few social media profiles, there wasn’t much out there to counteract these false narratives, or tell the true story of his character.

The Goal

  • Displace negatives links from page 1 of Search Results
  • Greatly Improve Online Presence

Our Tailored Solution

  • Custom Scholarship Campaign
  • Blog and Article Creation and Distribution
  • Press Release Creation Dissemination
  • Social Media Management
  • Personal Website Development

The Results

Within just 6 months, we were able to completely revitalize the Doctor’s online reputation and see truly positive results in displacing the negative content from view and boosting his online presence

The Positive Impact

With the help of, this client was able to not only eliminate the impact of his negative articles, and win back the respect of his peers, but he also established an invaluable online presence for himself, that was non-existent before contacting us. Now, when he is searched, people will see his true character, which can only lend benefits to his personal and professional life in today’s digital world.

Medical Doctor Creates A New And Positive Online Presence