Frequently Asked Questions

Who is

Erase has grown into one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the industry of “Reputation Management”. We are a team of experts in the fields of paralegal, technology, public relations and security working in Miami, Florida and Burlington, Ontario, Canada offices. We work with many individuals and businesses every month. was founded with the purpose of giving brands and people control over their online reputation.

How long does it take to see results?

Every case is different.  Generally, we ask for 90 days in our contract for removals. However, content can be removed well before the 90 day threshold in many cases. We do offer expedite options for those that need quick results.

Does it matter if the negative content is true or false?

No. At, we understand that mistakes happen. Just because a business has complaints, doesn’t mean they don’t have thousands of customers who value them. Just because an individual or a business has made a mistake, doesn’t necessarily mean that mistake should define them for the rest of their lives.

Remove content means that you push content down on search results?

No. At, we can permanently remove your content online. That’s what separates from the rest. While our competitors focus on pushing down or hiding content, we delete it - PERMANENTLY.

Can you remove reviews?

Yes. In fact, we have review management services that specifically focus on the removal of negative or fake reviews, the monitoring of review platforms and review boost campaigns to improve star ratings and your brands standing in the comparison shopping funnel. 

Which websites can you remove content from?

To date, we have successfully removed content from or outright deleted over 25,000 links. We have successfully removed news articles, blogs, attack websites, reviews, complaints, mugshots, civil legal documents, pdf’s, pictures, videos, and more. Not everything is possible to remove, but we have removed many things that our clients initially believed were impossible.

What is the removal process?

New clients will be assigned an Operations Consultant. The Ops Consultant will go over the details of the specific content we are trying to remove. How old is the content? What is the story behind it? Is it true or false? If this is regarding a criminal or civil matter, what was the outcome of the case? Do you have any paperwork on the matter? Do we have prior experience with the website you are trying to remove from? Etc. Each situation is different, and how we go about attempting to remove the content depends on the situation.

I've been told that content can’t be removed

They’re wrong. Most reputation companies focus on pushing down negative content in the search engine, rather than learning how to get content removed. Due to this, we often hear of competitors telling clients that what we’re offering is impossible.

Of course, removing content is not impossible. We do it every day. If someone created an article or page, we can remove the content. All our services are completely legal, and clients don’t pay unless we can remove their issue.

What is the cost?

That depends on the difficulty and amount of links you want to remove. For a free, no-obligation quote: Contact one of our Reputation Consultants who will personally review your case.

Our prices for removals are one-time fees, only due if we can successfully remove the content.

Can you protect against future negative content?

Yes. Our removal service is focused on deleting  negative content you currently have, but we have other services that protect  you from negative content that may arise down the road. 

Our Monitoring services  scan the internet to detect any and all new content under your keywords. 

Our Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing services create and optimize high authority content for your brand. This builds  a buffer from new negative content becoming highly visible on search engines. 

Can you create positive content?

Yes, we have reputation management to produce positive content for brands and individuals. Our focus is on getting  you cited in credible news articles or guest blog posts. This types of content can rank very positively in search results.

By using our removal services, you can take your reputation from negative to neutral. By taking additional measures to develop and promote positive content, you’re turning your online reputation from a liability, to neutral, to a selling point.

What does de-index mean?

When something is de-indexed, the content still exists, but it has been completely removed from a search engine. It will not be findable on any search term—not on page 1, not on page 41. Even if you were to copy and paste the link of the negative article that you wish to remove from the search engine, it would still not show up anywhere. Generally, de-indexing is as good a solution as deletion because the only way to find the de-indexed article is to go directly to the website and search for it (which generally never happens in practice).

Our first goal is to outright delete negative content from existence on the offending website, but some news organizations or websites have a policy of never removing content. In these situations, sometimes the website is willing to compromise and deindex the offending page.

What is SERP Analysis?

SERP Analysis is the practice of search result examination and keyword research to determine the most effective strategies to improve ones standing and reputation on Search Engine Results Pages.

What is Thought Leadership?

Being a Thought Leader means building trust and authority in your field of expertise. 

Our reputation management services help establish you as a thought leader through citations in guest blog posts and authoritative news articles that tackle topics relevant to your brand or industry.