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Removing online reviews is one of our specialties, and we boast the highest removal rate in the industry today. However, it’s important to know that not all reviews are possible to be removed. Our team will do everything we can to remove the review in question, and if unsuccessful, offer other options such as our MyReviews service to help nullify the effects of negative reviews and attract more customers to your business. Learn more about MyReviews here.
If we are unsuccessful at removing your negative review, it doesn’t cost you anything. We also offer alternative services that can help you not only overshadow your company’s negative reviews, but drive more positive reviews to your business, boost your star ratings and attract more customers.’s MyReviews service helps businesses control, manage and grow their online reviews and overall brand reputation. MyReviews allows businesses to remove negative reviews harming their brand, drive more 5 star reviews to their business, connect with more potential customers, and grow their online presence, all included in a monthly subscription package!
Online reviews are one of, if not the most influential aspects of a brand’s online identity. Reviews not only attract or detract potential customers from contacting you, but directly influence how Google perceives your business and if it is worthy of ranking highly in their search results. If you wish to stand out from your competitors and have a more successful business, managing online reviews cannot be ignored.

The simple answer to increasing a business’s star rating online is to obtain more 5 star reviews for your business and work on having negative or fake reviews removed. If you are able to do so, you will see your star ratings rise, and trust from consumers and Google grow in turn. For help with this type of initiative, check out Guaranteed Removals MyReviews Review Management Service here.

Businesses can gain a lot of control over their online reviews by claiming and managing their Google My Business profile. This service has many capabilities to share your businesses proper information with the public, increase online visibility and it is totally free.

Inside the Google My Business Dashboard, company owners are given the ability to flag fake or misleading reviews for removal, and can even interact with customers by responding to reviews and questions that are posted to their profile. This is important because it allows businesses to rebuild loyalty with customers, and shows online shoppers you care about your client experience. For review management services customized to your businesses needs, Guaranteed Removals is ready to help.

When you invest in Reputation Management it allows you to manage and mitigate negative online content that could harm your brand, while growing your presence and reaching more people online. Those who do invest in Reputation Management can reap the rewards of obtaining more control over their online footprint, protection against negative content, and reaching a wider online audience. For both individuals and businesses, Reputation Management has numerous benefits including improving job opportunities, and for brand’s, increasing traffic and profit margins.

The first step in updating a Google My Business profile is to ensure you claim it. Claiming your profile can be achieved by visiting your profile and clicking “claim this profile” in the bottom left corner of the knowledge panel. Google will then ask you a series of questions in order to prove you are the owner of the business, once that is done they will send a verification code in the mail to your place of business. When you receive the code in the mail and implement it, you will then have claimed your Google My Business profile and be able to update and edit it as you wish.  

Reputation Management is the practice of developing and maintaining a positive online presence across the internet. An integral component of reputation management is the practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO, when done correctly, allows you to control what shows up prominently when you’re searched online. It has become common practises for all modern businesses to ensure their content and website are easily seen by potential customers, and ahead of their competitors. In addition to the benefits for businesses, SEO can have equal positive effects for individuals looking to protect their reputation. When SEO is implemented into other reputation management strategies such as content creation, content removals, social media maintenance, website development and review management, it is the best way for people and businesses to truly enhance their online reputation and better reach their audience.

Reputation Management utilizes numerous strategies to help repair and optimize a person or company’s online reputation over time. Negative content removal may be something that can be completed in weeks or even days, however Reputation Management is a long term approach that combines the use of content removals, SEO, review management and reputation monitoring to grow and protect the online presence of both individuals and businesses, while also improving traffic and sales. 

Staying consistent with reputation management offers a number of benefits for business owners, especially in the realm of comparison shopping and standing out from competitors. Maintaining reputation is a long game, and is something that requires consistent maintenance and work to remain competitive in search results. 

The reality is there is no “one size fits all” approach to reputation management.  Each and every person or business will have certain factors to consider when approaching a reputation management campaign. 

Usually, to maximize results, the best strategy is to utilize different layers and tools that when put together, work to give you control over your online presence. Whether that be a combination of content creation, SEO, and social media optimization, or Review Management and website maintenance, Guaranteed Removals will tailor a strategy based on your specific needs to achieve the best results possible. 

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