Logo Teams Up With Dare to Care For Anti Bullying Fundraiser

BURLINGTON, ON / ACCESSWIRE / April 19, 2022 / has teamed up with Dare to Care to help raise funds for Anti Bullying and Cyber Bullying initiatives.

The team at has banded together to help bring an end to the harmful effects of bullying.

The money raised in this initiative will contribute specifically to:

  1. Innovative and age-appropriate workshops and forums for kindergarten through grade 9, sports teams and youth groups.
  2. Support and education for parents.
  3. Extensive Professional Development for teachers, principals, coaches, officials, and the workplace.
  4. Sporting teams for kids while working on anti-bullying practices.

“ has always been passionate about anti-bullying and cyberbullying awareness.” Said CEO of, Alexander Kurian. “Our core business is focused on helping those who have been defamed, or quite honestly, bullied online. So helping bring awareness, while raising money for a noble cause like this, to help protect our youth, was something our team really got behind.” Continued Kurian. “I’m so proud of the response and generosity our team displayed in this fundraiser.”

Just prior to the COVID19 pandemic, Dare to Care had reached their 1,000,000th participant. Over the past two years, they have seen a decrease in their ability to present their “in-person” programming due to ongoing safety protocols and limitations on outside visitors in schools. However, they have managed to continue working with schools through “live virtual” presentations and have even shifted their in-person program to an online platform to allow schools to proceed without the need of a Dare to Care facilitator.

“No child is born as a ‘bully’.” Said Lisa Dixon-Wells, Founder and Executive Director of Dare to Care. “It’s a learned behavior that is primarily learned and reinforced at home. While we may not be able to change the home-life and rules within the homes, school communities need to stress that the bullying behavior will not be tolerated in the school environment.” Continued Dixon-Wells. “Over the course of the last two and a half years, children have had extensive periods of time with a very small cohort of peers, and Dare to Care has been paramount in helping our students to be brave as they navigate conflicts within their relationships with kindness”

Anyone who is interested in contributing to Dare to Care’s bullying initiatives can do so through their website at

About Dare to Care:

Dare to Care was created with the understanding that bullying is a societal issue and that if we are to have any impact, all stakeholders within a school, community or workplace must be involved in creating a climate of change. Since 1999, Dare to Care has delivered three signature programs to over 1500 schools across Canada. In 2017, Dare to Care adapted their award-winning program for amateur sports. By providing the tools and support that help youth, parents and educators recognize the signs of bullying and other challenging behaviors, Dare to Care has mobilized communities to take action against these issues. As well, because the digital world has changed the landscape of ‘old school’ bullying, Dare to Care has expanded the program in helping students and parents navigate the complicated and sometimes dangerous world of social media.