Erase Collects and Donates School Supplies for Local Kids

For the third year in a row, has teamed up with the Compassion Society Halton for their annual Back-to-School Drive. The fundraiser’s goal is to ensure every kid in the community has the supplies and tools needed to learn and succeed in their upcoming school year.

The Back-to-school drive works to help kids in all grades, from junior kindergarten all the way up to high school students. 

Due to the global pandemic, there has been a 35% increase in the need for support and schooling supplies in the Halton community. 

The team at did their part by generating enough supplies to help dozens of children return to school with everything they need.

Supplies donated include:

  • 20 backpacks 
  • 18 lunch bags 
  • 21 pencil cases 
  • 20 packs of crayons
  • 61 packs of erasers 
  • 23 duotangs 
  • 25 staplers 
  • 21 pairs of scissors 
  • 20 packs of pencil crayons 
  • 21 packs of pencils 
  • 28 pencil sharpeners 
  • 26 glue sticks 
  • 20 calculators 
  • 24 rulers 
  • 28 packs of pens 


“The response from our team was overwhelming.” Said Allison, member of the Culture Committee at “It really shows how much the people at Erase care for our local communities and the level of character our employees have at this company.” 

Along with the annual Back-to-School Drive, Erase has worked with the Compassion Society Halton for many other community initiatives, including their Winter Coat Drive and volunteering to sort donated clothing.