About Erase

We combat the negative.

Erase assists companies and individuals to proactively manage unfavorable brand perceptions. Erase is a leading authority in reputation management, having helped thousands of businesses and individuals improve their digital reputation. Operating out of offices in Miami, Florida, and Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Erase develops bespoke plans of action tailored to its clients. Erase helps individuals and businesses gain control of their online reputation, repair negative search engine results for branded keywords, and provide solutions to address fake and negative reviews that impact how a brand or product is perceived online.

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We remove negative content that is harming people’s online reputation The Internet doesn’t forget, and unfortunately doesn’t forgive. We work with individuals, executives and corporations who’s online reputation have been negatively impacted by inaccurate and defamatory content.

We have your negative content removed by a team of legal experts and reputation specialists. Our Online Crisis Management team composed of P.R., technology, and S.E.0 experts will work on creating positive content to outrank your negative content.

During the research phase, we will develop a personalized plan and establish expectations on how we will improve your online reputation. Our company prides itself on following established, ethical industry guidelines to bring you the best results.

Guaranteed Removals was founded in 2014 by James John and Chris Nichol. In the early 2010’s, James and Chris witnessed multiple cases of individuals and businesses being falsely defamed online. After seeing the effects it had on the victims’ personal and professional lives, they realized that there is a widespread need for online content and reputation management services. They became passionate about defending people’s right to privacy and to be forgotten. They hope to make a positive impact on the digital world and help people start a new chapter in their lives.

With multiple offices in Ontario and Miami, Guaranteed Removals has grown into the world’s second largest Online Reputation Management company and has over 64 employees, including 45 Reputation Specialists.


We aspire to make positive change in our community by participating in local food drives, clothing drives, and community events. We also offer scholarship opportunities to young adults who are passionate about making a difference.